How Can I Make My Teeth Look Better?

You can strive to increase your physical appearance, and cosmetic dentistry is one area that can do a lot for a person's self-esteem. While not everyone is born with straight, pearly white teeth—or if you are lucky enough to, they likely won't stay that way on their own due to aging--you can still cover imperfections in your teeth in an affordable fashion. Your teeth aren't going anywhere anytime soon, so why not take the opportunity to make them look as dazzling as you possibly can? Read More 

Oil Pulling: Pulling Out Stains Or Pulling Your Leg?

Are you looking for more natural ways to whiten your teeth — really whiten, and not just keep clean? If so, and you're thinking of trying oil pulling, it might not have the effect you think it will. Oil pulling is not a new procedure, but it's one of the bigger fads that has many natural-remedy enthusiasts standing by their sinks for 15 to 20 minutes a day. The procedure has been credited with curing a lot of conditions, as well as whitening teeth. Read More 

The First Dental Visit For A Child: Why It’s Important

Taking care of their teeth is a responsibility that children eventually have to take up on their own. As well as setting them on the right path for a life of good oral hygiene, proper dental care at an early age will ensure a child remains happy and in good health. In any child's life, their first visit to the dentist is a very important event: What Is the Ideal Age for A Child's First Dental Visit? Read More 

Dentures: You’re Not Alone If You’ve Thought About Replacing Yours

In a recent study, only 5% of respondents claimed to be completely satisfied with their current dental prostheses. If your dentures are not meeting your expectations when it comes to appearance, fit or comfort, you're not alone. Since nearly half of all dentures are more than 10 years old according to the same study, it's no wonder many people are unhappy. Physical changes such as weight gain, weight loss and bone loss underneath the gums can significantly affect fit. Read More 

What To Consider When Choosing Materials For Fillings

If you are going in to have your damaged teeth restored or filled, you have a choice in materials. When it comes to tooth fillings, you may even have more choices than you realize. Before making your choice, there are a few advantages and disadvantages to consider, so you can make the best decision for you.  The Old Standby Amalgam fillings are the old standby when it comes to tooth restorative dentistry. Read More