3 Reasons Dental Implants Are the Superior Choice

You may be unhappy with your smile for any number of reasons. You might have crooked or damaged teeth that take away from the aesthetic of your smile. You may want to explore cosmetic dentistry for both boosted confidence and improved dental health. Your dentist is able to guide you through all of your options while taking what is best for your oral health into consideration. One great option for cosmetic dentistry is getting dental implants. They ultimately transform and elevate your smile, giving you gleaming pearly whites that you are proud to show off. Here are three reasons why dental implants are the superior choice.

Dental implants stimulate bone growth in your jaws.

Tooth loss is almost always accompanied by bone loss in your jaws. Bone is living tissue that is replenished over time by the production of new bone cells. Bone cells are produced based on mechanical stimulation of the bone tissue. Your natural teeth are rooted in your jaw bone by your gums. Each time you talk or chew food, you also stimulate your jaw bones. Dental implants are also rooted in your gums, and similarly stimulate your jaw bones whenever you use your teeth.

Implants address a variety of different smile defects.

You may need to replace your teeth for any number of reasons, including rampant tooth decay, severe gum disease, or acute facial injury. Dental implants are strong, stain-resistant replacements for your natural teeth. Whether you are having one or several dental implants put in to replace your teeth, you can trust that they will fully address defects that detract from the attractiveness of your smile. Dental implants transform your smile and allow you to move forward without fears of staining your new white smile. They are also superior to dentures because you don't need to worry about them warping or drying out. 

Caring for dental implants is simple and inexpensive.

Caring for your dental implants is as simple as caring for your natural teeth. You must still brush and floss your implants to support your gum health and keep your breath fresh. You want to make sure that your gums are clean and free of infection because they support your dental implants. You do not need to do anything special or have special cleanings or bleaching. You will find that your dental implants are impervious to staining from wine, berries, coffee, and sauces. For more information on implants, talk to a professional like Dansville Family Dental Care.