Toothbrush Training Toddlers The Fun Way

As the parent of a toddler who is just learning good oral hygiene habits, you may feel exasperated at times. After all, very young children may not be thrilled about teeth brushing, and this may lead to some resistance or even outright refusal from them. However, instilling these habits in your children early will help them develop good habits for a lifetime. Instead of trying the forceful approach, you may want to make toddler teeth brushing time fun instead. Keep reading for a couple of great tips for toothbrush training toddlers the fun way.

Make it a Tasty Treat

One reason that toddlers may resist brushing their teeth is that they don't enjoy the flavor of the plain old mint toothpaste. Fortunately, you can fight this problem by providing some exciting and unusual toothpaste flavor options. You can choose options as varied as bubblegum, watermelon, or chocolate. While it may not suit your adult palate, kids adore these flavors.

It's always essential to supervise brushing, and monitoring toothpaste amounts is part of this. Kids may enjoy the toothpaste so much that they are tempted to over-consume. Make sure that they use only a pea-sized amount during each brushing session. Also, remember the motto "Don't forget to spit!" When kids love the flavor, they may be more inclined to swallow the toothpaste than spit it out, so reminding them to spit after brushing is important.

Put Your Toddler in Charge

Parents who allow their kids to feel like they're in charge of their brushing may find more success than those who allow them no autonomy. The proper brushing time is two minutes, two times a day. However, many toddlers will not brush nearly that long, even with a parent watching them. One way to combat this issue is by allowing your toddler to time the brushing session.

Consider using an egg timer, one that you keep in the bathroom for this express purpose. Even young toddlers can learn how to turn the dial on the egg timer, and they will feel like they are in control by setting the timer and brushing until it dings.

There is no doubt that dealing with a reluctant toddler and a toothbrush can be challenging. However, you can use the tips above to transform toothbrushing time into a much more pleasant experience for both of you. Don't forget to check with your pediatric dentist to get some other toothbrushing tips for your toddler too! For more information, contact a business such as Dentistry For the Entire Family.