Reasons Why Implants Are Preferred Over Dentures

If you are missing several teeth, you most likely want to take steps in having the gaps filled so you can enjoy a healthy smile once again. You will need to decide whether to have a set of dentures constructed or a surgery to have implants placed in your mouth. While each method will eliminate the empty pockets between your real teeth, having implants placed holds a few more benefits overall. Here are some of the reasons why having dental implants surgically placed will make your life easier in the long run.

Enjoy Pain-Free Living

You will only need to endure pain while recovering from the surgery after your implants are placed. After the area heals, you will be completely pain-free throughout your days and your nights. When you wear dentures, the pressure from each mouthpiece will make your gums sore after several hours. The dentures need to be removed at night to give your gums a break, allowing them some air after being covered so long. Many people find they have sores on the gums during the initial few months of wearing dentures.

No Need To Limit Foods

One of the best parts of having implants instead of dentures is the ability to eat whatever you please. Denture wearers cannot eat foods that are too crunchy, tough, or chewy without the risk of the dentures becoming dislodged from the gums. With implants, you can bite into a hard apple, chew off a piece of steak, or enjoy a piece of taffy without worry.

Feel Confident When Smiling

Implants are virtually undetectable. Each metal rod that protrudes through your gums will have a permanent porcelain tooth cemented over it so it is not seen at all. This allows you to swap out teeth without the need of another surgery should a tooth chip or crack. You will be able to smile wide without anyone realizing you have false teeth among your real ones. With dentures, there is an altering to the face shape. The jaw often tries to readjust to keep the dentures in place. When someone you know sees you after you get dentures, they may be able to tell because of the positioning of the jaw.

Clean Teeth Without Hassle

To clean implants, you simply continue the same procedure as you have been with your real teeth. Brushing, flossing, and seeing a dentist will keep your new implants clean. With dentures, you need to use different cleansers for allotted time schedules before placing them back in your mouth. You also have the inconvenience of using adhesive to keep the dentures in place. This will need to be removed from your mouth and the dentures regularly to avoid a bacteria buildup.