3 Situations Where You Might Want To Consider Getting Dental Extractions

Generally speaking, people only get tooth extractions when they have one or more teeth that have decayed so badly that no other option is either available or worth the trouble. In other situations, tooth extraction might be the best choice if an individual doesn't want to pay for a costly root canal or other procedure. Here are three specific scenarios where it might be better to just pull the tooth out so you can move on with your life without worry.

To Prevent Infection Due to Significant Decay

If a tooth becomes so badly decayed that there is damage to the pulp, or the area of the tooth that contains nerves and blood vessels, this is a dangerous situation. Bacteria can enter through this opening and lead to an infection. This is one scenario where a root canal would also work but if the risk is especially severe, it might be better to just get rid of the tooth altogether.

Because of Other Health Issues

Are you about to go through a medical procedure that will lower the capabilities of your immune system? If so, you may want to get any decayed teeth extracted from your mouth first. For example, it's common knowledge that chemotherapy or organ transplants can leave your body temporarily weakened. This could prove to be the perfect opportunity for an infection to start in a decayed tooth because your body won't be strong enough to hold it off any longer.

To Correct Your Smile

Sometimes a dentist may suggest pulling a perfectly normal tooth if it is causing other issues. For example, you may be getting ready to get braces but you have several teeth that are overcrowding each other. The dentist may suggest getting rid of one or more teeth so that the remaining teeth can set properly in the mouth once the braces are installed. Another example would be if you have a tooth that has never quite come all the way through the gum line. The dentist could suggest pulling it and giving you a cosmetic solution instead.

Dental extraction is usually thought of as a last resort but there are some situations where it's actually the smart thing to do. You should get a tooth pulled if you feel that it is at high risk of getting infected due to either significant decay or a combination of decay and other medical issues. Some dentists may also suggest extraction as part of preparation for orthodontic procedures. Talk to your dentist today, such as Renovo Endodontic Studio, if you have concerns.