Learn a Major Reason Why You Should Stop Vaping Today

Many people think that vaping is safe because it does not allow as many harmful chemicals into your body as smoking does. However, vaping can still be very dangerous. Some of the vaporizer models that are on the market have exploded while the person is using them. When this happens, it causes major damage to the person's face and mouth. The guide below walks you through the steps that will need to be taken if a vaporizer explodes in your mouth while you are using it.

Control the Bleeding

When the paramedics arrive on the scene, they will do everything they can to stop the damaged areas of your face and mouth from bleeding. You will be in immense pain at this point and not want them to put pressure on the injured areas, but they will have to in order to control the bleeding.

Assess the Damage

When you arrive at the hospital, the doctors will have to access how badly damaged your mouth and face are. They have to determine if any of the vape is lodged in your skin or mouth. They will also need to assess whether or not damage was done to the bones in your face. If any bones were shattered when the vaporizer exploded, you will need reconstructive surgery on those areas.

Remove Damaged Teeth

Once the damage has been assessed, any teeth that are irreparable will need to be removed right away. This allows the healing process to start. Having broken teeth in your mouth will be very painful, and taking them out all together will save you a lot of pain because the nerve endings within the teeth will no longer be exposed. At this point, if you have any damage to the roof of your mouth, your gums, or your tongue, a dentist and doctor will work together to see what they can do reconstruct them.

Facial Reconstruction

If you have holes in the sides of your face through your cheeks, have damage done to your lips, or any other damage done to your face, a plastic surgeon will need to do reconstructive surgery in an effort to fix those areas. For more information on what kind of procedures you would have to undergo, talk to a doctor like those at Central PA Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons LLC.

In order to avoid having to deal with any of these issues, you can simply avoid using a vaporizer. If you continue to vape, be sure to research the device you're using to ensure it is of quality construction and that you understand how to maintain it.