Weekend Tooth Problems? When You Should Seek Emergency Dental Services

While most dentist offices are generally open during regular business hours and only on weekdays, dental problems and pain do not necessarily always occur during those regularly scheduled business hours. If you find yourself dealing with tooth pain or discomfort over the weekend, for example, you may be wondering if you should wait until you can get into contact with your regular dentist or if you should seek out immediate emergency dental services. Get to know some of the circumstances in which you should absolutely seek out immediate emergency dental care so that you can be sure you are handling your dental issues in the appropriate way.

Your Dental Pain Keeps You Up At Night

When it comes to dental pain, there are many different types and many different causes. However, one thing can be certain; if the dental pain that you are experiencing is severe enough to cause you to lose sleep or keeps you up at night, then you have a serious problem.

You should not allow yourself to lose a great deal of sleep from untreated dental pain over the weekend in hopes of getting in contact with your dentist on Monday. If you cannot sleep from severe pain, seek out an emergency dentist that maintains weekend service hours.

Your severe dental pain could be the result of an abscess, an exposed nerve, or possibly a cracked tooth. While the emergency dentist will not necessarily be able to completely resolve your dental issues in one appointment, they can give you the care and prescriptions you need to properly manage your dental pain and get a good night's sleep.

You Chip Or Crack Your Tooth Or Filling

Another reason to seek immediate emergency dental care is a situation in which you chip or crack one of your teeth or a filling. While teeth and fillings are both strong, if you bite down wrong on a weakened area of one of these dental structures, then you could hear and feel a cracking sensation in your mouth.

Even if the pain you experience is not particularly intense when you crack a tooth or filling, such damage to the exterior structure of your tooth could cause your dental pulp (the soft inner tissues of your tooth) to be left exposed and can lead to infections due to food particles getting into those cracks and crevices, which can lead to a plethora of bacteria growing in your cracked tooth.

As such, getting to the emergency dentist right away for care is an absolute must. A few days of waiting can cause you a great deal more pain and complications in the long run than you will have if you get your dental injury tended to as quickly as possible.

Now that you know a few of the reasons that you should seek out emergency dental services, you can be sure that you are doing everything that you can to properly take care of your teeth now and in the future. For more information, contact local professionals like Family First Dentistry LLC.