Tooth Crack And Chip Signs That Emergency Care Is Needed

Accidents can happen and if an accident involves the face, then you may find yourself with an injured tooth. Dental injuries involve both cracks and chips, but it may not always be apparent when an injury is actually an emergency situation and requires a dental professional. Keep reading to learn about some chips and cracks and signs that emergency care is required.

Chipped Tooth That Hurts

If you chip a tooth and notice a sharp edge in the mouth, then you may think that this is an emergency situation. However, enamel can be thicker than one millimeter in some spots and a strong layer on dentin sits underneath this enamel. This means that many tooth chips do not even come close to the pulp chamber. The pulp chamber is where the living tissues reside. 

If the chip does not come close to the pulp chamber, then the tooth may not hurt. In other words, the tooth is not in distress and will not send out strong pain signals in response. However, since dentin is sensitive, you may feel some pain and sharp radiating sensations from the tooth when something cold or hot makes contact with the chip. If the chip is only mildly sensitive, then bonding or a crown can be used to make the dental repair during a regular visit. 

If a chipped tooth does throb without placing pressure on it, then there is a good chance that the pulp is damaged. This does require emergency assistance and you may need a root canal immediately. If you put off the treatment, then pain will only worsen and an infection will soon develop. You will need a root canal regardless of when you make your appointment so it is better to have the problem addressed before an infection sets in.

Long Cracks

Some dental cracks can be repaired with tooth crowns. Specifically, your dentist will remove the damaged tooth material with a drill and then a crown will be used to protect the exposed areas of the tooth. However, this type of treatment cannot always be completed. This is especially true if the crack is long. Long cracks are structural weaknesses that will allow teeth to basically come apart or split over time. 

While splitting may occur over several years, it can happen much more quickly when you place pressure on the tooth. The crack can expose both the tooth pulp and the dental nerve and create a great deal of pain. Dentists typically extract teeth before this happens. While this is not a pleasant outcome, you can work with your professional to have a tooth replacement made quickly for aesthetic purposes. 

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