Been Awhile Since You’ve Been To The Dentist? 3 Ways To Get Back On Track With Your Oral Health

Life gets busy, and it's common for people to get behind on their oral health care. After all, trying to schedule appointments when you have work and family responsibilities to handle gets hard. However, you know that the twinge of guilt you feel when you think about the dentist means that it is time to get back to your original schedule for exams and cleanings. Fortunately, it is possible to get back on track with your oral health care routine by using these simple strategies.

Be Honest With Your Dentist

It is important to avoid letting guilt or embarrassment stop you from going to the dentist. This is because your dentist sees people all the time who have had a gap in their treatment, and they would rather you come to them for an exam when any potential problems are in an early stage. Since waiting longer means that treatment gets more complicated, it is better to seek dental care at the first moment that you know that it is time. Being honest with your dentist about the reasons why you have waited so long to see them also helps them provide solutions. For instance, telling them that you feel anxious in the exam room allows them to take special care to make your comfortable such as suggesting you listen to your favorite music.

Start With a Simple Exam

General dentistry services range from simple exams and cleanings to fillings and tooth whitening. While your dentist can perform a wide range of services to improve your smile, it is important to keep it simple at first since thinking too much about what you might need could lead you to stall on your appointment again. Instead, just start with your initial exam. This will help you know exactly what types of services you will need in the future.

Ask About Your Treatment Options

Although regular exams and cleanings are the best way to avoid dental problems, it is possible that you will only need minor treatments even when you have waited a long time. After your exam, your dentist will tell you about the best types of treatments that you will need to maintain your oral health. General dentistry often involves several choices for your treatment such as choosing between metal or porcelain crowns. Ask your dentist to share the pros and cons of each option to help you narrow down your decision.

When it's time to go to the dentist, it is normal to be a little apprehensive. Yet, making your oral health a priority is important for preserving your teeth. Work with your dentist by letting them know about your gap in care so that they can help you keep up with regular appointments in the future.