How To Keep Your Dentures Long-Lasting And Structurally Sound

Getting dentures is a great restorative option if there are a lot of missing teeth in your mouth. Not only do dentures give you a complete smile, they let you eat and talk normally again. You can continue to experience these benefits if you execute the proper maintenance steps. 

Avoid Certain Beverages and Foods

Even though dentures are not real, you still need to monitor what you eat and drink while they're in your mouth. If you're an avid coffee drinker, you may want to curtail this beverage and switch to something else. That's because coffee, in excess, can stain your dentures and leave your mouth extremely dry. Then, your dentures may slip out of place when you least expect them to. 

Dentures are durable, but they are not indestructible. Eating foods with hard surfaces, such as suckers, popcorn kernels, and nuts, could cause your dentures to crack. Instead of these hard treats, focus on eating soft foods with great nutritional value. 

Clean Your Dentures Daily 

Just like real teeth, you need to keep your dentures clean on a regular basis to combat bacteria present in your mouth. Be sure to select a tooth brush with soft bristles, as this design won't cause damage to your dentures nor make your gums bleed if you apply too much force.

Food particles have a tendency of getting stuck in the back of dentures because of their rough plastic consistency. You can effectively rid your dentures of these particles, though, by using a deep-cleaning solution. Leave your dentures in this solution overnight so that they'll be ready for use the very next morning. 

Schedule Dental Follow-Up Visits

Everything may be going perfect with your dentures, but you still need to schedule follow-up visits with your dentist. They'll make sure the dentures still fit comfortably in your mouth, and will inspect their structural makeup to ensure no areas have been comprised. 

Your dentist will also professionally clean your dentures to remove any food particles you failed to remove. During the cleaning, they will check gum tissue and the overall condition of your mouth. If there are any signs of inflammation, prescription medication can be prescribed. 

It may take a while to adjust to living with dentures, but they are well worth having. Make sure they hold up and look their best by keeping them maintained year-round. You'll then be able to smile confidently for every important moment and event. Contact a dental office, like Cape Dental Care, for more help.