Dental Implants—Worth Ditching Your Dentures For

If you're currently wearing dentures with no apparent issues related to them, then it's still wise to consider getting dental implants instead, particularly if you have a full set of dentures on the upper and lower parts of your mouth. Whether you are getting ready to be fitted with new dentures or you are just curious about dental implants as an alternative, this is a conversation worth having with your dentist.

In many ways, dental implants are a more beneficial solution to your oral health needs. Here's a look at some of the benefits. 

1. You have more realistic-looking teeth

A dental implant is comprised of an implant that goes into your gums and jaw bone and a cap that resembles a real tooth. This cap is usually made of porcelain and is matched to the color of your other teeth. Your dental implants use your natural gums to be put into place and look more realistic than dentures do, and work the way your real teeth do as well.

2. You have longer-lasting teeth

Dentures have to be regularly upgraded and replaced to make them fit your mouth. Your mouth changes shape due to age and weight changes, which means your dentures will feel uncomfortable over time. By contrast, dental implants are created to last a lifetime, and since they're fitted to your jaw bone already, they are less likely to pose an irritation and a problem later once they have been put in.

Consider this: dentures last up to eight years or so, and often break or have issues with fitting needs throughout their lifetime. Dental implants last 25 years or even longer, and don't have to be replaced or changed unless there is a severe oral health issue associated with them, which your dentist will address at your regular dental appointments.

3. You have more convenient teeth

Dentures have to be taken out and cleaned to keep them healthy and comfortable. Dental implants simply have to be brushed and cared for the same way you care for your natural teeth, and they stay in place without the assistance of gels and pastes as well, unlike dentures. If your primary concern with wearing dentures is the discomfort associated with them, then see your dentist see if getting dental implants is a better option for you. In many ways, dental implants can repair your smile in ways your dentures can't. Contact a dentist to learn more.