Why Choose Sedated Wisdom Teeth Extraction?

Most people will have one or more of their wisdom teeth removed, so it's not a big issue if you also have to have yours taken out. However, just because wisdom teeth removal is a routine dental procedure doesn't mean you must have an uncomfortable experience.

Sedated wisdom teeth extraction is a special type of dental extraction that includes the use of sedative equipment. The sedation can be full sedation where a patient is put under, or partial sedation where the patient is simply relaxed. The type of sedation that will work best for your sedated wisdom teeth extraction will depend on your situation and how involved your dental work will be. It will also depend on your tolerance for sedation and what your dentist recommends. If you can get a sedated wisdom teeth extraction, it's worth it to invest. Here's why.

You feel more comfortable during your treatment

While you will still get numbed to have your dental extractions done even without sedation, having sedated wisdom teeth extraction can make you feel more comfortable. You can be simply sedated for a relaxed and more pain-free experience, or you can opt to be put all the way under via general anesthesia so you go to sleep and wake up with your teeth fully removed.

Your dentist may even recommend sedated wisdom teeth extraction if you have difficult to remove or impacted wisdom teeth. The more complex your oral situation is, the more necessary having a sedated experience may be.

You feel more in control of your treatment

For many people, a fear of the dentist is enough to make them want to avoid getting any dental work done. If you are aware that you can get a sedated wisdom teeth extraction done, you may be more likely to get your wisdom teeth out. This gives you more control of your smile and oral health in general. Speak to your dentist about your options regarding sedated wisdom teeth extraction, especially if you have several teeth to get out at once.

Your dentist will share with you the costs and expectations associated with sedated wisdom teeth extraction. In the end, the choice is yours on whether you should get sedated wisdom teeth extraction or not, and you can discuss all your wisdom teeth extraction options prior to your dental visit. If you are having sedated wisdom teeth extraction done, make sure you have someone with you when you have your dental work done since you will not be able to drive yourself home.