Using Same-Day Crowns For Root Canal Treatments

Root canal treatments are major procedures for patients to undergo. At the end of this procedure, a dental crown must be placed on the treated tooth to protect it. For patients that need to undergo this procedure, opting for same-day dental crowns can be an effective solution for rapidly providing them with this protective cover. However, dental patients are frequently unaware of the option to use same-day crowns, making it harder to evaluate this solution.

Understand The Major Advantages Offered By Same-Day Crowns

Time-saving advantages are one of the primary benefits of same-day crowns. Traditionally, dental crown placement involves multiple appointments. This is needed to prepare the tooth and create a mold to send to a laboratory equipped to manufacture the crown. This process can take several weeks to complete. In contrast, same-day crowns utilize advanced systems to create and place the crown in a single appointment. This significantly reduces the time required for treatment and makes the process more convenient for the patient.

Have A General Awareness Of The Technology Used For Same-Day Crowns

Same-day crowns are made possible by specially designed computer-aided manufacturing systems. These systems are designed to provide the high degree of precision dental prosthetics require. This innovative system allows dentists to digitally design and fabricate crowns in their offices using high-quality materials such as ceramic. While sending the mold to a traditional dental laboratory for fabrication could take weeks, dentist offices equipped with these systems can complete this work in a few hours or less. Furthermore, advances continue to be made in same-day dental crown manufacturing systems. For example, 3D printing options are emerging as another popular solution due to their speed and precision.

Know The Qualities That Make A Patient A Good Candidate For Same-Day Crowns

Unfortunately, not every patient may be a good candidate for a same-day dental crown. The dentist must consider factors such as patient age, oral health, and personal preferences when recommending this treatment option. In some cases, traditional crowns may be more appropriate, particularly for patients with complex dental issues or requiring specialized materials for restoration. An example of this may be a patient needing a dental bridge crown.

Same-day crowns can particularly benefit patients with busy schedules or dental anxiety. The convenience of a single appointment appeals to those who have limited time available for dental visits. Furthermore, same-day crowns can help alleviate anxiety for patients who fear dental procedures, as the treatment process is faster and less invasive than traditional crown placement.

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