Is That Normal? A Guide For Parents Whose Kids Are Losing Baby Teeth

When your child's baby teeth begin falling out, the experience can be more traumatic for you than for your little one. You may constantly find yourself wondering what's normal when it comes to tooth loss, and what should trigger a call to the dentist. Here's a look at some common concerns parents have when their elementary school–aged kids start losing teeth. The adult tooth has is already there, but the baby tooth hasn't come out yet. Read More 

How Is Dental Implant Surgery Performed?

Dental implants are the most natural-looking replacement option for missing teeth. Unfortunately, some people neglect to take advantage of these excellent tooth replacements due to concerns about the surgical process of installing dental implants. Here is an explanation of how dental implant surgery is performed so you know exactly what to expect if you choose to have dental implants installed. Screw Insertion The first stage of dental implant surgery is the installation of a small titanium screw in the jawbone. Read More 

Crowns On Cavities: Explore The Options For Under-Crown Repair With Your Dentist

You may believe that your crowns keep your teeth protected from cavities or dental caries. The truth is, a dental crown won't protect the underlying tooth from decay over time if your diet and oral hygiene are not good. Dentists often see older patients who have perfectly good crowns, yet the bases of their teeth are pitted with decay near the gum line. Fortunately, there are several ways your dentist can repair the damage without requiring an entirely new crown. Read More 

Three Things You Shouldn’t Do When Your Child’s Tooth Is Knocked Out

If your child plays high-risk sports like baseball or basketball, they may lose one of their baby teeth during a game. When a baby tooth is knocked out in a sporting accident, don't do any of these three things. Not looking for the tooth When a tooth is knocked out during a sports game, it can be hard to find. However, it's important to search the grass to find your child's missing tooth. Read More 

Causes And Treatments For Bad Breath

Bad breath can be a real nuisance, it may even affect your self esteem. It's not uncommon to assume that the cause is poor dental hygiene, but that isn't always the case. Bad breath can have many causes, and some of them require further treatment to ensure your continued good health. The following are a few causes of bad breath that you should be aware of. Tooth decay No matter how well you brush, floss and rinse, a decaying tooth can retain bacteria. Read More