Three Tips For Keeping Your Teeth As White As Possible

The condition of your smile is one of the single most noticeable features of your face. Not surprisingly, this can cause individuals to be extremely concerned when it comes to ensuring that they have the whitest smile possible. Sadly, individuals are often extremely neglectful when it comes to preventing stains from occurring. Stop Smoking Smoking is an extremely self-destructive habit to have. In addition to the risks of developing cancer or lung disease, it is also possible for smoking to leave extremely deep stains in the teeth. Read More 

2 Reasons to Go to the Dentist When You Have Braces

Just because you go in for regular check-ups for your braces with your orthodontist, doesn't mean that you don't still need to visit your dentist for regularly scheduled cleanings and other dental care as well. These dental appointments should continue as normal because this ensures that your teeth are in optimal health. In fact, your orthodontist will likely ask you if you go to the dentist regularly and will want your dentist's information so that they can coordinate your oral care if necessary. Read More 

How To Keep Your Dentures Long-Lasting And Structurally Sound

Getting dentures is a great restorative option if there are a lot of missing teeth in your mouth. Not only do dentures give you a complete smile, they let you eat and talk normally again. You can continue to experience these benefits if you execute the proper maintenance steps.  Avoid Certain Beverages and Foods Even though dentures are not real, you still need to monitor what you eat and drink while they're in your mouth. Read More 

Should You Get Cement- Or Screw-Retained Dental Implants?

If you are missing teeth and have health gums and jawbone, then you may have decided to get dental implants. These implants are a great choice since they are more permanent in nature than dentures. The implants can also stand in for your teeth's original tooth roots, meaning that they will help keep your jawbone strong. However, there are two types of dental implants that you can consider: cement-retained implants or screw-retained implants. Read More 

How Old Do You Have To Be To Get Dental Implants?

While many people think of dental implants as a technique primarily used by older adults who are losing teeth due to age-related conditions, accidents and genetic conditions can cause even the youngest children to lose teeth. If you're a parent of a child or teen with one or more missing teeth, you're likely interested in when your child can fill in that gap with a nearly permanent implant. Find out what the latest research says and what determines the right age for this procedure. Read More