The Importance Of Detecting Gum Disease At An Early Stage

Gum disease, also called periodontal disease, is a disease that affects approximately half of the adult population in this country. This disease starts off with minor symptoms and progressively worsens if left untreated. If you want to avoid going through major procedures for the treatment of periodontal disease, you should aim to get it diagnosed at an early stage, and here are three main reasons this is so important. It Has Devastating Effects on Your Oral Health  Read More 

How Dental Implants Stay Secure Using The Power Of Your Own Body

Dental implants are one of the longest lasting methods of replacing missing teeth, and there's a reason for that. Dental implants use the astonishing healing and adaptation abilities of the human body to do what they do. Read on to find out how dental implants work and why they're so different from other tooth replacement methods Other Replacements Besides dental implants, the other main methods of replacing one or more missing teeth include dentures and bridges. Read More 

It’s Never Too Late To Fix That Crooked Smile!

If your dental needs were neglected as a child, resulting in teeth that are slightly crooked, being self-aware of the imperfections can hinder your ability to strike up a conversation or smile genuinely at those around you. You are not stuck in this predicament. Although it may not be as common for adults to have braces as it is for younger individuals, you can still choose braces or invisible aligners to straighten your teeth. Read More 

Time To Schedule Your Dental Implant Surgery? How To Prepare For The Pain Relief

If you're scheduled for dental implant surgery, you're probably worried about the pain. It's important to note that you'll receive anesthesia for the procedure, so the surgery itself won't be painful. However, you may experience some pain and discomfort following the surgery. The amount of discomfort you experience will depend on your own pain threshold. In most cases, you'll be able to control your pain by using the medication that's prescribed to you. Read More 

3 Health Conditions That May Be Linked To Dental Abscesses

If you or your teenager have ever had a dental abscess or severe tooth infection, your symptoms may have been toothache, gum inflammation, problems with braces, purulent drainage, and a bad taste in the mouth. Though these are the most common symptoms, a dental abscess can heighten your risk for other health conditions. Here are three ways a severe tooth infection can lead to medical problems and what you can do about them: Read More