How Parents Can Fight Genetic Predisposition For Cavities In Their Children

Parents who grew up suffering from cavities may be passing on a predisposition to their children. Those who had to live through fillings and removed teeth probably want to help their children avoid this problem. Thankfully, it is possible to combat a genetic predisposition for cavities. How Genetics Influence Cavities There are several different ways that genetics influence dental decay. For example, a parent may pass on a certain predisposition for excessive mouth saliva. Read More 

Getting Rid Of Morning Breath And Other Bad Breath Problems

Morning kisses and cuddles become awkward because of morning breath. Throughout the day, you lose confidence to talk to other people because of other bad breath problems. Not only does it affect your relationships and social life, but bad breath problems can have serious effects on your health. After all, bad breath problems are caused by bacteria buildup in the mouth and throat. Get rid of morning breath and other bad breath problems through these steps: Read More 

Ways To Limit The Number Of Bacteria In Your Mouth

Bacteria are associated with many different oral health problems, such as tooth decay, gum disease, and bad breath. Many of the problems from the microbes are due to the acid that they release as they digest their food. Nevertheless, there are ways to limit the number of microbes in your mouth. Here are a few of them: Rinse Your Mouth Frequently With Water As you rinse your mouth with water, the mechanical action of the rinsing helps wash away oral bacteria. Read More 

Been Awhile Since You’ve Been To The Dentist? 3 Ways To Get Back On Track With Your Oral Health

Life gets busy, and it's common for people to get behind on their oral health care. After all, trying to schedule appointments when you have work and family responsibilities to handle gets hard. However, you know that the twinge of guilt you feel when you think about the dentist means that it is time to get back to your original schedule for exams and cleanings. Fortunately, it is possible to get back on track with your oral health care routine by using these simple strategies. Read More 

Tooth Crack And Chip Signs That Emergency Care Is Needed

Accidents can happen and if an accident involves the face, then you may find yourself with an injured tooth. Dental injuries involve both cracks and chips, but it may not always be apparent when an injury is actually an emergency situation and requires a dental professional. Keep reading to learn about some chips and cracks and signs that emergency care is required. Chipped Tooth That Hurts If you chip a tooth and notice a sharp edge in the mouth, then you may think that this is an emergency situation. Read More